Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Secret To Being A Champion

Schools back in session and that means it's time for fall sports to start!

Rather you are trying out for a new team or already on the team; typically the ultimate goal is to win a championship. If you waited until the first day of practice to prepare yourself for the season, then you are already behind your competition!

The Secret:

What successful teams at all levels have figured out is that to be the best in your sport you have to get a jump on the competition. This doesn't mean overtraining six months out from the season, but what it does mean is staying active and in shape when out of season. It also means working on your skills or weakness that you may have struggled with the year before. 

The Reward:

My old college coach use to tell me that "championships aren't won in the offseason, but they can certainly be lost." While staying active and training properly in the offseason won't guarantee a win, it will guarantee that you will be better prepared when the season comes around. All the extra time and effort that you put into your craft is sure to be worth it when you finally win that championship ring or medal!

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