Thursday, October 1, 2015

Which Finger Should You Get Your Ring Sized For?

Congratulations, you just won the championship and can't wait to get sized for your new championship ring! The only problem is you don't have a clue which finger you should get your ring on. You may not have known this, but a ring worn on any finger has some form of symbolic meaning behind it.

The Thumb

This is that big finger on your hand that stands apart from the others. A ring on the left thumb is a sign of wealth and power. It also can be considered as a fashion statement. The same goes for a ring on the right thumb. People are more likely to view you as a fashionable, confident, and successful when they see a ring on your thumb.

The Index Finger

This is the finger next to the thumb often used for pointing. The index finger is mainly portrayed as the Jupiter. This finger mostly focuses on leadership, self-confidence, ambition and sometimes religious aspects of life. A ring is definitely noticeable and any form of commerative ring would look great on this finger.The left index finger does not hold any symbolism as of yet but is still often used for rings.

The Middle Finger

This is the finger next to the index finger after the thumb and is named after the Greek god Saturn. It thus follows that it is associated with the sense of right and wrong, balance, secretiveness, search for truth and responsibility. A ring on the either middle finger has been used as a symbolism of power and accountability. With it having a dominant placement, it is great for your new ring.

The Fourth/Ring Finger

It is named Apollo. The meaning of a ring on this finger is commonly known to symbolize marriage.
The left ring finger is reserved in many cultures, for wedding and engagement rings, as it was believed in ancient Roman culture that the left ring finger is connected to the heart by a vein running directly between them. While the right ring finger in known for is visibility, which makes it an excellent candidate for a ring you are looking to show off. 

The Little Finger (Pinky)

Your pinky is basically that small finger on your hand and is named Mercury, which is an energy of communication. It is also commonly used as a symbolism for intelligence and persuasion.
It is often the first choice for a statement ring. A finger to wear what you want people to pay most attention to. Rings on either pinky shows signs of character and make strong statements. Because of this people often get rings for this finger.

All rings tell a story, and the finger they are placed on says a lot as well. I hope this article helps you decide which finger you'd like to get your new ring on. When you finally get your new ring, check out CC Sports  for the latest display case options. 

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